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Chapter-01 Basis of Nursing Education by Sankaranarayanan B, Sindhu B (2012) Edition : 4/e

Education is the process of acquiring and imparting knowledge, which is crucial to the conscious advancement of a learner to his or her participation in the transformation of the world for a better tomorrow. Educative process can be a bipolar, tripolar, or multipolar process. The components of educative process are knowledge, application of skills, understan... [More]

Chapter-01 Communication by R Pramilaa (2010) Edition : 1/e

Communication is a subject of almost unlimited dimensions and is an interdisciplinary one. It is a continuous process of exchange of ideas, feelings, attitudes, opinions, figures and interaction with others. It is an invaluable component which every nurse should inculcate to obtain desirable consequences. The accomplishment of this task could be enabled with... [More]

Chapter-01 Communication in Nursing by Basavanthappa BT (2011) Edition : 1/e

Communication in nursing, Importance of communication, Anatomy of communication, Physiology of communication, Factors influencing communication process, Classification communication, Verbal communication, Nonverbal communication, Therapeutic communication, Non-therapeutic communication, Nursing documentation as effective communication.

Chapter-01 Education by Manivannan Shyamala D (2016) Edition : 1/e

This chapter provides an overview of education. Education enables us achieve our fullest potentials in all aspects of our life. Educated are addressed as cultured. Education helps man to climb in a ladder of social respect. In English the term ‘Education’ has been derived from two Latin words Educare (Educere) and Educatum. The educatum word itself is compos... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Counseling by AM Rajinikanth (2010) Edition : 1/e

Meaning and definition of counselling are clearly given at the beginning of this chapter. Deficiencies of professional communication are listed down. The need of counselling for healthcare professionals is clearly analysed. The simplified points are given on application of counselling skills in health care. Idea about health care counselling and counsellors ... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Education by Sodhi Jaspreet Kaur (2017) Edition : 1/e

Education is the process of exchange of ideas, the outcome of which is maximizing the potential’s of individuals, according to his needs and demands of society, of which he is an integral part. Nursing education is a professional education which is consciously and systematically planned and implemented through instruction and discipline and aims at harmoniou... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Management by Clement Nisha (2016) Edition : 1/e

Management is the creation and control of technological and human environment of an organization in which human skill and capacities of individuals and groups find full scope for their effective use in order to accomplish the objective for which an enterprise has been set up. The concept of management is not fixed. It has changing according to time and circu... [More]