Essentials of Obstetrics

by Arulkumaran Sabaratnam, Sivanesaratnam V, Chatterjee Alokendu, Kumar Pratap
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Arulkumaran Sabaratnam, Sivanesaratnam V, Chatterjee Alokendu, Kumar Pratap
ISBN 9789386056665
Speciality Obstetrics and Gynecology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12974
Edition 3/e
Publishing Year 2017
Pages 491
Book Type Textbook
Chapter Name Size Page No

Obstetrics and particularly, the art of practicing it, has made spectacular advances in recent times. The knowledge in obstetrics is expanding and one finds it difficult to keep pace with recent research. Research findings of today form the basis of practice in years to come. The core knowledge keeps changing and forms the basis of understanding of the disease process and management and is covered in this book. This book will give a completely updated revision on the subject even though its progress is chronicled through other textbooks. The book will supersaturate undergraduates, who will not have to turn to any other book for a query or reference, and also supply postgraduates with the basic knowledge and fundamentals on the subject. This is the third edition of the book “Essentials in Obstetrics” which has expanded to 48 chapters. The book has contributors who are internationally renowned for their expertise in the area in which they have contributed the chapter. Each chapter has headings and subheadings which are provided at the beginning of the chapter for easy navigation. An adequate number of tables and good illustrations are provided in each of the chapters and should make it easy for the reader to understand the subject. It is difficult to provide far too many figures and illustrations due to the limitation of pages in a hard copy book.

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