IADVL Recent Advances in Dermatology

by Majid Imran
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Majid Imran
ISBN 9789385891229
Speciality Dermatology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12821
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2016
Pages 635
Book Type Professional
Book Series Recent Advances
Chapter Name Size Page No

This book “IADVL Recent Advances” is the first volume of a series titled “IADVL Recent Advances”. This book provides detailed coverage of dermatology in a user-friendly, compact, point-wise text complemented by high-quality illustrations throughout the book. There is no compromise on detail and the book should prove useful to the surgeons as well. This book is divided into 15 sections which comprise total 60 chapters. The first and second section deals with genodermatosis and infections includes bacterial infections, viral infections, etc. Section third, fourth and fifth discusses the allergic skin disorders, papulosquamous disorders and pigmentary disorders. Section sixth describes the pediatric dermatology includes atopic dermatitis in childhood, alopecia areata in children, etc. Section seventh covers the vesiculobullous disorders includes pemphigus and subepidermal immunobullous disorders. Section eighth deals with disorders of sweat and sebaceous glands. Section ninth and tenth discusses the disorders of hair and nail disorders. Section eleventh provides the skin neoplasms includes non-melanoma skin cancer, melanoma, and cutaneous lymphomas, Kaposi's sarcoma and Merkell cell carcinoma. Section twelfth and thirteenth describes the rheumatic dermatology and metabolic disorders. Section fourteenth and fifteenth covers the lasers in dermatology and dermatosurgery includes laser hair removal, lasers for pigmented lesions and tattoos, tissue grafting in vitiligo, cellular grafting in vitiligo, advances in nail surgery, etc.

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