Moving Pain Away RiVision®: An Innovative Physical Therapy Method

by Har-El Rivi Belach
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Har-El Rivi Belach
ISBN 9789386056061
Speciality Physiotherapy
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12967
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2017
Pages 187
Book Type Professional
Chapter Name Size Page No

The purpose of this book is to familiarize you, the reader, with the core principles of RiVision®. The RiVision® principles presented in this book may also enrich practitioners who are interested in learning about an innovative treatment for their patients. The art of integrating various modalities within RiVision® in a way that will best fit the patient’s needs is of great importance. To accomplish the desired outcome, it is recommended that the treatment method is specifically tailored to each patient by following one of the seven protocols of treatment outlined in this book. Treatment principles and protocols identified in this book are appropriate for health professionals treating patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain. This book is comprised total 7 chapters. The first chapter focuses on the introduction: the roots of the RiVision® method. The second chapter covers the need to observe the “entire body manifestation/movement” when treating chronic pain. The third chapter discusses the components of RiVision®: physical therapy, dance/movement therapy and guided imagery. The fourth chapter describes the basic principles of RiVision®. The fifth chapter also deals with the case studies: treatment goals, exercises and outcomes. The sixth chapter also provides the detail about apply the RiVision® method. The last chapter also discusses the summary of this book.

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