Surgical Management of Intraocular Inflammation and Infection

by Dean Eliott, P. Kumar Rao

This book, Surgical Management Of Intraocular Inflammation And Infection, deals with intraocular inflammation and infection. This book is intended to provide a single source for the multitude of surgical procedures used in the care of patients with intraocular inflammation, infection and related conditions. It summarizes the diagnostic and therapeutic challenges that can arise in the care of these complex ocular conditions, and we hope it will be an ideal guide to planning the optimum surgical approach in patients with such challenging problems. Each chapter has been written by an ophthalmic surgeon (or surgeons) with expertise in the field of ocular inflammations. They have provided current and well-synthesized highlights on the indications for surgical intervention in the management of recalcitrant uveitis, as well as the diagnosis and management of ocular complications. The authors have covered ocular inflammation topics in an orderly fashion, allowing readers to comprehend the salient features in preoperative evaluation, surgical approach, postoperative management, and postoperative complications, as well as the approaches to avoiding such complications.


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