Manual of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

by Nicholas Stafford

From the outset of their career, surgical trainees involved in head and neck surgery have a number of significant issues to contend with. One of these is the diversity and complexity of the topic, both clinical and anatomical. Another is that head and neck surgery often occupies a relatively peripheral position of importance in the context of their primary specialty. The purpose of Manual of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology is to allow the junior doctor to do exactly that and to be able to demonstrate an understanding of what is involved in performing most of the standard major head and neck procedures. This book comprises of total 20 chapters which covers a broad discussion on etiology, epidemiology and imaging of head and neck cancer, therapy requirements, radiotherapy principles, radical neck dissection, total laryngectomy, tonsil and soft palate surgery, tongue base surgery, maxillectomy, anterior skull base tumors, glossectomy, parotid cancer, thyroid cancer, head and neck skin cancer, etc. The book has been written more as an ‘aide-memoire’, highlighting important anatomical points and the order of events in a number of set-piece surgical procedures. The intention is to provide the trainee with a practical guide to the incremental surgical steps that need to be undertaken to successfully complete these procedures.


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