Communication Skills in Clinical Practice (Doctor-Patient Communication)

by KR Sethuraman KR

Communication skills are complex. Learning resources are available from several sources. I have primarily culled learning points on dyadic communication skills from three sources: Clinical, Social exchange and Management perspectives. There are several epistemological differences among the three perspectives, which have been harmonised to some extent to give a holistic view of doctor-patient communication. This book is aimed at the students, educators and practitioners of clinical medicine and allied sciences, viz. dental, nursing and paramedical disciplines. In this context, the terms “Care-provider” and “Care-seeker” are more appropriate but less elegant than the older terms, Doctor and Patient, which have been retained in this book. The book has three parts. The first part deals with the core skills of effective communication, the second with clinical applications and the third goes beyond communication to its raison d’être, viz. prudent and patient-centred clinical practice. Practical exercises are suggested at the end of every chapter to enable the readers acquire relevant communication skills. This is perhaps the first book on doctor-patient relationship written in India.

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