Male Reproductive Dysfunction

by SC Basu

Reproductive function of a male broadly encompasses three interrelated and synergistic steps, the spermatogenesis (formation of sperms), and regulation of the male reproductive functions and performance of the male sexual act. Various hormones and other factors regulate the primary reproductive functions. The male sex hormones also exert their influence on the accessory sexual organs, cellular metabolism and on other functions of the body. This book deals with the abnormalities or dysfunctions of the male reproductive system with emphasis on common conditions in the sub-continental perspective. Outlines of the basic anatomy and physiology including the endocrinology have been included, so that the pathology of dysfunctional or diseased conditions is easily understood. The management, which includes diagnosis and treatment of these conditions, has been dealt with based on my own experience spreading over three decades and collating other experts’ knowledge. I am aware of the stupendous task of writing a monograph on any subject single-handedly. The book without doubt shows a bias of an andrologist or physician dealing with male factors in infertility. Some of us over the years have developed special skill in the management of many of these conditions. They justifiably could have put their authoritative stamp in the respective chapters of a multi-author publication. But I believe that a single-author monograph could ensure a free flow and lucidity in dealing with the subject, as the writing styles of different authors could not be the same. Moreover, it is often difficult to avoid repetition in some chapters, a task that is never easy to mend for the editor of a multi-author monograph.


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