Chapter-13 Vesiculo-bullous and Ulcerative Lesions of Oral Mucosa

BOOK TITLE: Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology

1. DN Bailoor
2. D Koteeswaran
3. John Ani
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1. Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital, Mangalore
2. Kanjeevaram Cancer Institute, Kanjeevaram, Tamil Nadu
3. Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai
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The practicing dentists commonly see this group of lesions and the diagnosis has a frightening range from an innocuous traumatic ulcer, which magically resolves to the malignant carcinomatous ulcer, which kills. Various listings and classifications help us to focus our thoughts on the differential diagnosis and the mental ticking off process to arrive at the basic group of the lesion. Then subsequently we narrow it down to one or two of that on basis of laboratory investigation. Vesicle is an elevated blister containing clear fluid that is under 1cm in diameter. Bullae are elevated blister like lesions containing clear fluid that are more than 1cm in diameter. Ulcer is defined as a complete discontinuity of epithelium caused by pathological processes in distinction to the Erosion which is a partial destruction of epithelial structures with intact basal cell layers. When the vesicles appear in the oral cavity the clinician must ascertain whether the problem is of allergic, viral or autoimmune nature. When possible, serological tests, testing of the fluid of the vesicle and meticulous history will give a hint to the underlying cause. In many of the lesions discussed in this chapter the dermatologist’s expertise will help the dental surgeon for a more comprehensive patient care.

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