Chapter-15 Cysts of the Oral Regions

BOOK TITLE: Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology

1. DN Bailoor
2. Y Rawal
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1. Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital, Mangalore
2. Dental Diagnostic Sciences University of West Indies at St Augustine Trinidad and Tobago
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Cysts are defined as pathologic cavities that may or may not be lined by epithelium and which contain a semisolid or fluid material. Cysts that are lined by epithelium are termed as true cysts. Cysts that do not possess an epithelium lining are called pseudocysts (false cysts). The word CYST (SIST) is derived from the Greek word KYSTIS meaning a bladder. Cysts are unilocular or multilocular sack like lesions enclosed by a capsule. They may occur anywhere in the body. The head and neck region with the jaws in particular comprise one of the more common sites of occurrence. The higher frequency of cysts in the orofacial region could be attributed to the complex embryology and the development of teeth with the presence of varying amounts of residual epithelial islands, which are potentially capable of being involved in the development of cysts. Cysts form a particularly peculiar pathology of the human body as in a majority of cases the cause is unidentifiable and only hypotheses are postulated to explain their pathogenesis. Cysts are slow growing lesions and usually do not cause a life-threatening emergency. But their early diagnosis and proper surgical treatment is necessary to prevent the esthetic damage and in some cases like odontogenic Keratocyst frequent recurrences requiring expensive hospitalization.

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