Chapter-06 Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice

BOOK TITLE: Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology

1. DN Bailoor
2. RN Mody
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1. Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital, Mangalore
2. Govt Dental College and Hospital, Nagpur
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In the dental practice we have to treat not only the dental patients who are systematically healthy but also the dental patients suffering from various systemic diseases. Dentist should not only be familiar with various pathological conditions which can give rise to emergencies during the dental practice but also management of the emergency that may arise in the dental office. In many cases potential drug reactions, fear and anxiety are the underlying causes for an emergency. As no drug or technique of drug administration is without risk, dentist must take all the necessary precaution to avoid emergencies and if emergency arises, he should be able to manage it till he gets the help from competent medical personnel. A dental surgeon should have the basic knowledge of medical emergencies likely to be encountered in dental practice. He should be competent to give the essential emergency treatment to safeguard the life of the patient until the services of a physician can be obtained. Pre-treatment evaluation and careful history of the patient forewarns the dentist of many of the emergencies in dental practice, which he may come across, and help in taking adequate precautions. Alteration in vital signs such as pulse, respiration, blood pressure etc. becomes apparent. A rapid conclusion should be drawn about the patient’s general condition and severity of emergency and accordingly a quick decision should be made to bring or to maintain the vital signs at a normal level.

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