Chapter-09 Oral Manifestations of HIV Infection

BOOK TITLE: Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology

1. DN Bailoor
2. NS Yadav
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1. Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital, Mangalore
2. Rama Dental College, Kanpur
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AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is one of the dreaded diseases of the last century which is posing a threat to the very existence of human race today. No disease has struck with such seriousness as AIDS. “Mouth is the mirror of health” so it is the Dental Surgeon who has a very important role to play, in the early diagnosis of HIV/AIDS by picking up the early oral clinical manifestations. AIDS has been described as the curse of Gods to punish the man who has started sinning, uncontrollably. The psycho-social factors of the promiscuous sexual behavior and intravenous drug abuse have led to medical social workers and research workers to look at factors which are cultural and societal which modify the spread of this disease through the population. Oral diagnosticians play an important role in early detection of diagnosis of the lesions. The early diagnosis of the lesions can foresee the developments of a suppression of the immune system and can be important as an indicator of the possibility of the early detection of AIDS. As scientific understanding about HIV infection has increased, mankind is nearing the doomsday; clearly it is a straight fight between man on one side and the AIDS pandemic on the other. The people of the world need to reach out to each other. There should be no “them” or “us”, if this pandemic is to be overcome. It is the time to demonstrate our capacity towards scientific progress.

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