Chapter-03 Central Nervous System

BOOK TITLE: Practical Workbook of Human Physiology

1. Nageswari K Sri
2. Sharma Rajeev
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This chapter describes experiments on central nervous system and special senses. There are eleven \'Experiments\' which are to be performed by students and six demonstration experiments. The first experiment outlines \'General neurological examination and examination of higher mental functions\'. This is followed by two experiments on \'Examination of Cranial nerves I–XII\'. The fourth and fifth experiments describe \'Elicitation of superficial and deep reflexes\'. The sixth and seventh experiments highlight \'Examination of motor system\' that includes assessment of various aspects of motor function and \'Examination of sensory system\' that tests different sensory modalities. The next four experiments describe testing of special senses. Recording of \'Visual acuity for distant and near vision\', \'Testing for Colour vision\', for which the colour plates are shown in figure.5, \'Perimetry for plotting visual fields\', and \'Hearing tests by tuning fork and Audiometry\' fall under this category. Demonstration experiments include \'Recording of EEG, EMG, Nerve conduction velocity and Galvanic skin response\' using \'16 Channel Data Acquisition and Analysis system\' as shown in figure 6. \'Autonomic function tests which include different tests to assess sympathetic and parasympathetic functions\' in the body and \'Ophthalmoscopy\' are the two other demonstration experiments described at the end of the chapter.

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