Community Based Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

by S Pruthvish

The presented books gives a premier references for the community based rehabilitation of disabled people with historical events marking the progress and importance of disability, people who have gained success by overcoming the disability, highlighting the benefits provided by government organization with various implemented schemes for the welfare of the disabled. The book provides range of institution and NGO in India working together to minimize and better management of disability by identification at early stages and acting for proper treatments. The book also highlights the role of individuals in the society who can contribute their skills in promoting programmes and training the disabled people to lead an independent life. The book marks important facts on various special reservation schemes implemented to disabled people and legislation acts providing assistance like self employment schemes, concession in travel, reservation in education and jobs. Overall the book forms an excellent material for understanding the community based rehabilitation of disabled people and can be very useful in guiding and building the confidence among the disabled and their family.


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