Handbook of Practical Electrotherapy

by Pushpal Kumar Mitra

The genesis of this hand book on practical aspect of electrotherapy owes its origin to the need among students for simple volumes, oriented to the practical application of the science, with adequate text, backed up with plenty of illustrations, in easily understood format and language. This is volume is a humble attempt to bridge the gap between the text and the applied aspect of Electrotherapy. With no pretence of being a magnum opus, it may provide an easy updater for the student or practitioner working in a clinical setting. The entire gamut of electrotherapeutics has been divided into three major sections, i.e. therapeutic electrical stimulation, thermo therapy and actino therapy. Each section commences with a review of the relevant biophysics. The applied aspects of the modalities considered under each section have been listed under the headings of Points to Ponder,’ for quick review of the essential information. The text in this volume has been deliberately kept simple and short, with liberal use of illustrations to project a word picture of the essentials in electrotherapy. Every effort has been made to make the contents of this volume easy to understand and framed to stimulate the reader to try using the techniques in a step-by-step manner during practice/clinical sessions. It is also expected to help fledgling teachers of Physiotherapy, to impart basic training in electrotherapy, with confidence, projecting the fundamentals firmly in front of their pupil, without too much technical jargon, which often tends to confuse the teacher and the taught alike. The many unique features presented in this volume. Highlight the sections on precise dosing parameters for each modality. This can be an excellent guide for the beginner in clinical practice. Each section concludes with a comprehensive chart that details all aspects of practical application for individual modalities. Placement of electrodes, optimum dosage, equipment settings, patient position, etc. has been detailed for each region of the body or for specific clinical condition. Several advanced applications of electrotherapy, yet to be mainstreamed in clinical practice in India, such as functional electrical stimulation or the combination therapy, have been presented for the appraisal of the reader. The volume also contains a section on frequently asked questions during the viva examinations, along with short and to the point answers. The students can use this section as a means of complete revision at exam time, since each modality has been explored separately through short question and answers. This is useful for physiotherapy as speciality training, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


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