A Handbook of Physiotherapy

by BK Choudhury, AK Bose

Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy is an excellent healthcare profession and is an integral part of Medical Rehabilitation. It embraces the preventive aspect as well as post disease or injury status of a patient. From childhood obesity to normal geriatric persons the role of Physiotherapy is unquestionable. So every medical graduate and post graduates in Orthopaedics, Neurology and the internists must have the basic concepts of Physiotherapy. In this modern and fast life style many of the health problems, especially caused by stress and strain can efficiently be tackled by simple modes of this science. Modern medicine is ever changing so also Physiotherapy. Concepts are changing day by day. We have to incorporate these changes in this science. The core skills used by Physiotherapists include therapeutic exercises, application of electro-physical modalities and other techniques. Keeping in view of all, this book is written to preach the essence of Physiotherapy particularly to those who are not exposed to the science of Physiotherapy.


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