Low Vision Aids

by Chaudhry Monica

This book has been designed to offer expert information to the eye care practitioners so that they can guide and provide basic low vision care to each patient in their small step up. Encouraging the young residents in ophthalmology and optometry to recognize the importance of enabling the partially-seeing to utilize the array of these services should be a priority. The purpose of this book is to make you: (i) Understand the meaning of visual acuity in relation to normal vision, low vision and blindness. To identify people with low vision as distinct from those who have normal vision and those who are blind. (ii) Understand the effect of low vision. (iii) Describe problems that people with low vision face. (iv) How distance and near visual acuity is tested in low vision center. (v) Understand the meaning of magnification and its different powers. (vi) How to prescribe low vision devices in the correct way, list advantages and disadvantages of each and teach a person with low vision how to use them. (vii) Understand the importance of rehabilitation and identify those who need it. (viii) Some addresses from where the devices can be procured.


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