Fundamentals of Biostatistics

by B Sarmukaddam Sanjeev

This book, however, has many unique features. There are separate chapters on “quality control” and “statistical fallacies”. The book highlights ‘clinical significance’, discusses their measures with confidence intervals, explains ‘tolerance limits’, compares and contrasts between ‘test of significance and confidence interval’ and gives ready tables of CI for extreme proportion/percentage. In this book are also stated ways of ascertainment correction in rates, potentials of PRE measures, appropriate alternative testing methods in specific situations, CI for median, procedure to estimate adjusted rates, logistic regression, log-linear models, etc. Generation of ‘sampling distribution’ in the classroom with the help of a suggested simple physical model will be useful in explaining some fundamental but difficult concepts. To demonstrate preparation of frequency table and simple calculations of measures of central tendency and variability, a way of generation of data in the classroom itself is suggested. Considering that ‘unless the subject knowledge seems to be applicable and interesting’ one may not try to digest it, in this book made all the efforts to fulfill the aforesaid things. Although most of the topics are explained simply and just above common sense level, making the subject easily understandable, the reader should make a sincere attempt to thoroughly digest the subject matter. However, relevant references on specific topics are given for further reading. Bulleted (•) paragraphs appear in most of the chapters. These contain comments, which are important and avid readers may find them useful. The extensive index at the end of the book will hopefully be useful in searching any desired word or phrase. More about it and a list of other computer packages is given in the appendix. A few but essential statistical tables are also included.


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