Atlas of Human Assisted Reproductive Technologies

by Mangala Telang

It has been the research and experimentation of generations of scientists which ultimately resulted in the birth of the first human baby conceived in vitro in 1978. But after that this technology has reached nooks and corners of the world and there is increased quest to learn about the complex techniques involved. The science of Assisted Reproduction is advancing at a very rapid pace. There are newer developments being reported so that better and more predictable success rates can be achieved. It is very helpful if there is a ready reference to the methodology of clinical management of the patient both male and female, and laboratory techniques with illustrations for easy comprehension. This book has tried to include all the latest developments in the science with relevant text which is explained by illustrations to make the reading easy and interesting. There are three sections in the book. The first is about clinical aspects which includes investigations and management of female and male partners which is the most important part of infertility management as the correct choice of the patient and adequate preparation before the assisted reproductive procedure is essential for the success of the therapy. This part also includes ultrasound procedures which are of utmost importance and management of the male partner including methods of sperm retrieval. The second part is about laboratory aspects and the third about newer developments. This should be a very handy reference book to keep in the laboratory to help both the clinician and embryologist.

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