Going Green: A Manual of Waste Management for the Dental Practitioner

by Uma Raman, Vidyaa Hari Iyer

Dental Hospitals and Clinics generate a number of infectious and hazardous wastes that can be—if not properly managed—detrimental to the public and health care worker alike. It is the purpose of this manual to provide dental practitioners and all members of the Oral Health Care team with information on how to properly manage infectious and hazardous wastes in order to minimize the release of toxic substances to the environment. We encourage all members of the dental team to become familiar with the best management practices outlined in this manual. Know the facts about waste management and your responsibilities for ensuring proper handling of hazardous wastes in your office. We hope the readers will find this book a useful manual in enhancing their awareness and knowledge on biodental waste management and its implications in day-to-day clinical practice. This is a modest beginning in the field of dental waste management and we are confident that it will form a seed for many fruitful initiatives in this emerging field.


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