Chapter-20 Child Abuse and Neglect, Child Labor, and Child Adoption

BOOK TITLE: Partha’s Fundamentals of Pediatrics

1. Banerjee SR
2. Thanikachalam Chandra
3. Raghu MB
4. Lakshmi Anantha
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Indian placement, no-objection certificate, adoptive parents, child study¸ guardian, biological mother, biological daughter, adoptive family, mandatory procedure, psychologists, health hazards, miscellaneous activities¸ hazardous industries¸ close relative, detailed history, multiple fractures, medical care


This chapter discusses various aspects of child abuse, neglect, child labor, and child adoption, in Indian context. In case of child abuse, besides providing medical care and organizing rehabilitation, the health care provider has the responsibility of reporting all cases of child abuse to the appropriate authorities. Occupational health hazards in agriculture, industries and factories, and nonorganized and service sectors, have impacted child labors in India. The objectives of a child labor program are to change established mind-sets regarding causes and solutions to the child labor problems and establish effective networking of civil society partners for advocacy, monitoring and information dissemination. Various aspects of who may give a child in adoption and procedure for in-country adoption are also discussed. In case of inter-country adoption, the Indian recognized placement agency matches a child that meets with the requirement of the adopter, with reference to age, sex, normal or special needs.

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