Laboratory Manual for Practical Biochemistry

by Shivaraja Shankara, Ganesh MK, Hemavathi A

Biochemistry, the study of chemistry of life, is an essential basic subject in medical field. Knowledge of basic molecular principles of physiological processes, and understanding the molecular basis of health and disease is required for diagnosis, prognosis and management of diseases. Students of medical and paramedical courses need to acquire practical knowledge of chemical reactions involving biomolecules, use of chemical reactions in detecting and estimating biomolecules in body fluids, and interpretation of the results of chemical analyses. This book deals with qualitative and quantitative analysis of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and non-protein nitrogenous substances in blood, urine and other body fluids. Basic principles of tests, detailed procedures of reagent preparation and test methods, accompanied by clinical interpretation of the results, form the ingredients of each practical exercise given in this book. There is description of advanced techniques such as electrophoresis and chromatography, in addition to the routine basic test methods. The book aims at developing case-oriented and problem-based approach of clinical biochemistry in medical and paramedical students.

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Book Detail

Author Author's Affiliation
1. Shankara Shivaraja
2. MK Ganesh
KVG Dental College, Sullia, Karnataka
KVG Dental College, Sullia, Karnataka, India
3. A Hemavathi KVG Medical College, Sullia, Karnataka
ISBN 9788184482591
Speciality Laboratory Medicine
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/10435
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2008
Pages 141
Book Type Textbook


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