Donald School Textbook of Interventional Ultrasound

by Aris J Antsaklis, Juan M Troyano

Fetal medicine today focuses not only on the prenatal diagnosis, but also on the therapy of an affected fetus. Until recently, termination of pregnancy or selective termination of an affected fetus was the option offered to the parents, when a congenital anomaly was diagnosed. Because of our better understanding of fetal physiology and pathology, and the technological improvements implemented during the last decade, many experts in fetal medicine tried to correct the process of a developmental abnormality, early enough in order to prevent a permanent damage to the fetus. Due to the rarity of many conditions in which it is used, the application of fetal therapy is limited at present; however, promising results have been reported in many different trials. Nowadays not only the diagnosis of the presence of more than one fetus in utero is possible, but also early detection and management of complex fetal pathological conditions found in twin or even higher-order pregnancies is feasible. The purpose of this textbook is to provide the obstetricians who are involved in the field of fetomaternal medicine all the uptodate knowledge of indications, complications and results of standard and experimental interventional procedures under ultrasound guidance. It is true that we still have a long way ahead of us until we can be ready to say that diagnosis and fetal therapy are totally clear. Nevertheless, big steps in in utero management of the fetus/patient have been accomplished.


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