Principles of Exercise Prescription

by Milind V Bhutkar

Today in the era of rapid industrialization and mechanization, keeping healthy and fit has become a universal concern. The importance of physical activity to maintain health is unquestionable. Exercise plays an important role in health setup. Hence it is imperative to understand intricacies of exercise programme like which exercise, how often, how long, at what intensity and with what kind of precautions. This book in a concise form informs about basics of exercise physiology and scientific rationale behind formulation of exercise prescriptions. To make information more engaging and easier to read, three boxes have been introduced with following logos: Zoom in: Presents the concept under consideration in a greater depth. Why box: Answers an important question ‘WHY?’ that explains mechanism behind various physiological phenomena. Myth: Mentions exercise related myths that are adequately explained in the light of scientific facts. This is what reputed scientific journals have to say about the book—INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY "The book helps in dispelling many unfounded misconceptions. The simple format and writing style aids in understanding. The specially designed logos to highlight critical points in the text are a delight to the reader. Apart from discussing the principles of exercise physiology, the book also covers burning topic such as Obesity and Life style change. The book has been written based on intensive research by the author and many relevant references. Anyone seriously interested in understanding basics of exercise physiology and scientific rationale behind formulation of exercise programmes will enjoy reading this book. The book is concise and shall be a great help for exercise physiology students, fitness instructors, health promotion counsellors, students in sports sciences and health educators."(IJPP Volume 53 (1) 2009). This is what NATIONAL MEDICAL JOURNAL OF INDIA has to say. "This book is an oppurtune publication for Indian readers. The author does society service by exploding several common myths surrounding exercise...This book is reasonably priced and has a pleasing appearance. Overall, this 'handbook' which can easily fit into the pocket of a coat, contains a lot of scientific information that would be valuable to readers and practitioners. It is a welcome addition to the scarce publications on the topic by Indian authors."(NMJI Volume 22. no. 2 2009).


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