Embryology for Medical Students

by Sudhir Sant

“Embryology for Medical Students” aims to help the students to understand the subject clearly, make it interesting and help the students to perform well in examination. To achieve these objectives, lucid and simplified account of developmental process is presented in this book. To help the students to understand the subject and to remember it easily, the text is accompanied by about 250 diagrams. These diagrams are illustrative as well as simple enough, so that the students can reproduce them easily at the time of examinations. Detailed account of congenital anomalies is presented at the end of development of each organ/system. This applied aspect of embryology is very important clinically, it will also give purposeful significance to the learning of embryology. One of the main purpose of studying embryology is to understand congenital anomalies including their aetiology, so that the congenital anomalies can be prevented. With this in mind, a separate chapter is included in this book, which deals with various factors responsible for producing congenital anomalies. The various chapters in this book are arranged in logical sequence, starting with gametogenesis and fertilization. The chapters dealing with general development of embryo and development of foetal membranes including placenta (general embryology) are followed by development of various systems (Systemic embryology). For quick revision summary of the chapter is given at the end of each chapter. We hope this book will be useful not only to medical students but for every body who wants to know about the development of human being and congenital anomalies.


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