Endoscopy Simplified: Practical Tips by Experts

by Amit P Shah, Sunita R Tandulwadkar, Poonam Jagiasi, Rakhi Sarda, Mugdha Joshi, Rahul A Gore, Pooja Lodha

This book discusses about various endoscopic procedures and equipments for the treatment and evaluation of infertility. Endoscopy is a technology-driven dynamic discipline that has challenged conventional open surgery, introduced innovative advances and opened up numerous options for the treatment of infertility. Gynecological endoscopic surgeries have changed and continued to evolve rapidly. Several procedures considered difficult are now being successfully done laparoscopically. A combined laparoscopic and hysteroscopic examination is the gold standard for the evaluation of infertility. Basic endoscopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and vaginal surgery are some of the topics discussed in this book. This book presents the entire gamut of all possible gynecological surgical procedures which can be carried out by endoscopy. Also, apart from the practical tips that have been given, each endoscopist can individualize the steps of the surgery to enhance the performance. This book is going to be a great source to all young doctors and entrepreneurs who wish to make their endoscopic centers as good as the present one.

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1. Shah Amit P
2. Tandulwadkar Sunita R
3. Jagiasi Poonam
4. Sarda Rakhi
5. Joshi Mugdha
6. Gore Rahul A
7. Lodha Pooja
Editor's Affiliation
1. Ahmedabad, India
2. Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune; Ruby Hall IVF and Endoscopy Center, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune; Poona Hospital and Research Center, Pune
3. Ruby Hall IVF and Endoscopy Team
4. Ruby Hall IVF and Endoscopy Team
5. Ruby Hall IVF and Endoscopy Team
6. Ruby Hall IVF and Endoscopy Team
7. Ruby Hall IVF and Endoscopy Team
Obstetrics and Gynecology
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