Evidence based Guidelines During Pregnancy for the Obstetricians

by Richa Saxena

This book provides evidence-based solutions for the common practical problems faced by obstetricians amongst pregnant women. This book highlights pregnancy as a natural physiological process and not as a sickness. It has been written in view of today’s obstetricians who treat contemporary, modern women who want to lead an independent and confident life, do not want to take pregnancy as an illness and want to continue their normal routine of non-pregnant state at the time of pregnancy. Since the two main practical problems faced by the women at the time of their pregnancies are related to nutrition and physical activity, this book has been divided into two sections (Nutrition and exercise), which deal with the various aspects of nutrition and exercise amongst the pregnant women. This book also covers evidence-based guidelines for some new, upcoming topics such as alcohol consumption, smoking, consumption of probiotics and antioxidants during pregnancy. The book includes authentic references from the most recent research articles.

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