Emergency Surgery for Peritonitis

by Robin Kaushik

This short book deals particularly with the situation in India, where we are almost always dealing with a ‘resource crunch’ that limits our prescription of TPN, higher antibiotics and surgical materials. This is where the idea for this book arose—a short book dealing with the various aspects of peritonitis, but based on solid facts so that it might help the general surgical fraternity in choosing the best option for a particular situation. And it is written in an informal style, something like the ‘canteen’ or ‘surgeon’s room’ discussions that take place after operating, when one is discussing what else could have been done or what should have been done – but by then, it is usually too late to undo whatever action has taken place! Also, the emphasis is to keep it simple with the sole aim of ensuring that your patient goes home well and remains well. I hope it will be of help to you.

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