Current Practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology—2

by Pankaj Desai

The controversy of supplements in I-Trimester for supporting the pregnancy has seen the pendulum swinging to and fro. Therefore, aptly titled Sense and Nonsense of Hormonal Support in I-Trimester is an evidence-based stand taken on different hormones used in I-Trimester of pregnancy. Investigating for genetic markers and problems in II-Trimester is a very fast developing science. This has been covered in this volume. Vesicular mole shows many different approaches rising and falling. This is more so in relation to its most dreaded complication of choriocarcinoma. It is imperative now to evaluate every woman who has a mole for administering prophylactic chemotherapy. All these aspects get covered in the chapter Prevention and Treatment of Choriocarcinoma. Amongst the medical disorders, epilepsy treatment still makes a clinician sit up and read every time as he has such a subject to treat. Epilepsy in Pregnancy is a chapter that covers the latest in approach to this challenge. Iron and calcium are the most commonly prescribed agents in pregnancy. No wonder most companies market them. The clinician then is at a disadvantage - what to prescribe and when? This is covered succinctly in two relevant chapters. Color Doppler is one more weapon in the armamentarium of the obstetrician. Though we all may not be able to do it, we all must be able to interpret the results. Therefore, a chapter on Decision Making through Color Doppler has been added. Induction of labour when, how and why has many new understandings. These get covered in the current volume. Babies born of ART are now on the surface of the earth for decades. It is time to pause and review the obstetric and perinatal outcome following ART. There is a chapter exclusively reviewing it. Oligospermia is intriguing and managing it, is all the more challenging. The chapter covering this aspect tries to cover this current approach to the topic. What is new in fibroid? Well, many advances have come, some have stayed, and others have blown away. The topic on this has been authored by the authority that has done unique and outstanding work on this aspect. It is scary to imagine handling hysterectomy on a “Day Care” basis. But when you think something is impossible, someone else is already doing it elsewhere. There is a chapter on this aspect of laparoscopic hysterectomy being handled in a day care clinic. This volume in the hands of the reader—a student or a teacher or a practitioner of the subject.

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