Mastering the Techniques of Laparoscopic Suturing and Knotting

by RK Mishra

This book is a result of pressure and demand of students from all over the world to write a book exclusively on suturing and knotting. Every surgical specialty is seeing new and innovative methods using different types of surgical skills including scientific way of using suture and knots.  Laparoscopic suturing and knotting is one of the most important skills for every laparoscopic surgeon and with this skill he can do proper tissue approximation. This is very true that there is no future without suture. Suturing and knotting is so important not only because of the benefit to patients in the form of better secured hemostasis but also because of the promise it holds in providing improved health care in a cost effective, outcome oriented way without the use of costly staplers and glue. Many procedures that previously required a laparotomy are now performed using laparoscopy if the surgeon or gynecologist has confidence in suturing and knotting. Readers of this book will gain an understanding of advanced minimally invasive suturing and knotting techniques and learn about the development and delivery of relevant skill. The combination of photographs, written text, surgical footage and spoken commentary is one of the most realistic approaches to understanding a complex surgical skill without actually scrubbing into the case. This book represents an important work and is an excellent addition to any reference library. In addition to the commonly performed major procedures using suture, I have also illustrated many advanced procedures currently performed only at specialized centres throughout the world. The text in this book is limited to procedural descriptions of suturing and knotting and succinct introductory paragraphs explaining general indications without a comprehensive review of the literature. This text is strictly focused on procedures, as will become apparent to the reader.


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