Gynecological Manual on Adolescent Girls and Young Women

by Ashwini Bhalerao-Gandhi, Parag Biniwale

Gynecological Manual on Adolescent Girls and Young Women is a much needed book which elaborately covers the entire spectrum related to adolescent females and their gynecological life. This book encompasses physiological, pathological and all other vital components like mental, nutritional and social issues pertaining to adolescents and provides in-depth information on various subjects. The impulse to render full justice to the subject is witnessed from the titles of the topics and young and experienced contributors, so as to load the book with rich contents. For the clinicians, there are interesting chapters like Menorrhagia, Fibroids and Ovarian Tumors; for those with endocrine interest, PCOS and Thyroid; and for all those dealing with reproductive health, Contraception including Emergency Contraception, Sexuality with or without infection which provides a wealth of material. Female feticide and violence against women are also dealt with adroitly. The book is meant for all in the field of adolescent gynecology and for those with special interest in the subject, it becomes a ‘must read’. The book has an academic background and is a training tool designed to equip health care providers with the faculty looking diligently on principles, rights and care. It should act as a beacon of light for all those dedicated to women’s health, and for all those wanting to build a better and stronger society. This book will be useful not only to clinicians, teachers, postgraduate students but also public health specialists as well as NGOs working for young people.

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Book Detail

1. Bhalerao-Gandhi Ashwini
2. Biniwale Parag
Editor's Affiliation
1. PD Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai, India
2. Pune, India
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Publishing Year
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