Foundation in Operative Surgery

by Sisir Kumar Saha

This book provides comprehensive operative procedures, dealing with all surgical problems, related to general surgery, gastro-intestinal surgery and urological surgery. Emergency vascular operations on Embolectomy, rupture aortic aneurysm, have been described. Because, these cases are often admitted under the general surgeon. Responsibility of the surgeon has been highlighted before the operative procedures being undertaken. This book has included postoperative care related to respective operative procedures that would make the trainee as well as trained surgeons confident how to deal with any unexpected postoperative complication. In this book, methods of preoperative assessment, preparations, consultation to the patients, merits of the varieties of operative techniques and outcome of the operations, have been described in detail. This book would assist the surgeons, and particularly the trainee surgeons, how to deal with the patients and their relatives, as soon as they enter into the surgical ward and how to avoid the wrong operation or operation on the wrong site. In this book, merits of all sorts of operative techniques have been highlighted that would resolve the confusion in understanding the operative techniques. Although experiences gain from working with the senior surgeons, this is not always available at work. In most instances, resident surgeons need to rely upon the seniors in dealing with the unexpected problems, developed in the postoperative period. As a result, patients become the victim of poor surgical care due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the surgical care. All these problems have been highlighted in this book. This book has described the basic surgical principle on the skin preparations, technique of skin incision, wound closure, relief of postoperative pain and wound infection. The principle aim of this book is to encourage the beginners, how to proceed with the minor or day surgery. With this objective in mind, smaller cases have been included in the first few chapters. These are lumps, bumps, hernias, phimosis, abscess, and varicose veins. In the preface of the gastrointestinal surgery, the basic principle of postoperative care, wound healing, operative procedures has been described. It deals with most of the intestinal diseases from the stomach right down to the anus. In the Surgery of Urology, investigative procedures, assembling and use of the optical instruments and operative procedures have been described in detail. This book will be of immense importance to the trainee surgeons, since many specialties have been separated from the umbrella of the general surgery, and the work practice has changed recently. As a result, they are not frequently exposed to all varieties of surgical procedures. Over and above, their working hours have reduced the opportunity to carry out the continuity of care of their own patients. Hence, they are missing the practical experiences. Furthermore, the opportunity to develop confidence seems to be few and far in between the hand on tools; but they could fulfil their inquest of knowledge from this book.


Book Detail

Author Author's Affiliation
1. Saha Sisir Kumar United Kingdom
ISBN 9788184486513
Speciality Surgery
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/10309
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2009
Pages 540
Book Type Professional


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