Clinical Chemistry (Organ Function Tests, Laboratory Investigations and Inborn Metabolic Diseases)

by MN Chatterjea, Rajinder Chawla

Revising the new edition of the book will be appreciated by students and teachers. The book has been found to be useful to undergraduates and extremely useful specially to postgraduate students of various disciplines viz. Pathology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Pediatrics, etc. Clinical chemistry is an important branch of biochemistry. It primarily deals with the various methods used for estimation of different biomolecules in blood and body fluids, establishing the normal values in health and study the alterations found in disease states with their interpretations. The book in the present form is divided mainly into four parts. First part deals with the various organ function tests which have been written to give a lucid and brief account with classification, basic principles of the tests and discussing their application to the clinical context. Included one more chapter on “Pancreatic Function Tests”. The second part of the book deals with the laboratory investigations of various biochemical and pathological parameters which are frequently encountered by the clinicians. The causes and steps of investigation have been discussed. An attempt has been made to give a flow chart at the end of each chapter of Laboratory investigation. The details of methodology have been omitted intentionally so as not to perplex the reader with unnecessary laboratory jargon. Third part of the book deals with the miscellaneous—Enzymes and Isoenzymes in Clinical Medicine and Oncogenic Markers (Tumour Markers). Fourth part of the book deals with “Inborn Metabolic Diseases (Inborn Errors of Metabolism)”. In this part give latest up-to-date information/materials. It is emphasized that there is a paucity of materials/information on Inborn Metabolic Diseases. This part will be of great help to the undergraduates as well as postgraduate students of various disciplines.


Book Detail

Author Author's Affiliation
1. Chatterjea MN
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, India
2. Chawla Rajinder Addis-Ababa University, Ethiopia
ISBN 9788184487954
Speciality Biochemistry
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/11106
Edition 2/e
Publishing Year 2010
Pages 396
Book Type Textbook


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