Chapter-10 Sports Massage

BOOK TITLE: Principles and Practice of Therapeutic Massage

1. Sinha Akhoury Gourang
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1. Punjabi University, Patiala (Punjab), India, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India
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The audiences of this chapter are sports physiotherapists, physical educators, and sports medicine doctors. Sports massage can be defined as the skillful selection and application of various techniques of massage on the sports person with the aim of enhancing and prolonging the quality length of a person’s career in the sports. It is generally accepted that sports massage reduced exercise induced muscle strength loss, reduced muscle soreness, decrease pre-competitive anxiety and improves mood which ultimately lead to rapid recovery and enhanced performance. The value of massage in identification and correction of silent areas of abnormal biomechanical stress make s it a powerful adjunct to the prevention programme of sports injuries. The use of sports massage has been surrounded by myths and anecdotal evidences and many claims on the utility of sports massage has not been conclusively withstood the scientific scrutiny. For example it is becoming clearer that massage does not facilities lactate recovery. An extensive review of the current evidences on the role of massage in management of DOMS, fatigue , and recovery of muscle function lactate removal is presented in this chapter that indents to rationalize the practice and generate a though provoking discussion on the topic. The role of massage in promoting psychological recovery and prevention of injuries are also highlighted. The information presented is extremely useful to all those who wants to pursue research in this field. The various techniques and categories of sports massage are described to facilitate practice of sports massage. All this makes this chapter an essential reading for all those who want to use the massage techniques in sports setting.

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