Footprints in Radiology

by Kakarla Subbarao, Pramod Kolwadkar

In Indian culture, there is traditional importance of feet since Vedic days. Prostrating at the feet of elders, gurus, pundits and prophets is a mark of devotion and evokes blessings. In the field of Radiology, though ‘feet’ play an important role in ‘one’s standing’, we think they were neglected, as compared to the ‘hands’. Moreover there has been less emphasis on the diseases, prevalent in tropics and Asian countries. Keeping this fact in mind, we have tried to create a comprehensive treatise on the subject of foot which we feel will be useful to the post graduate students of Radiology, as well as practising Radiologist. Apart from common and uncommon congenital disorders, the book substantially covers most of the systemic disorders and focal diseases. The emphasis is on conventional radiology, as we feel 90 to 95% cases can be diagnosed with this modality alone. We are sure this book will provide ‘one window’ information on the foot and will be a valuable asset to readers in Radiology and Orthopaedics, to have better footing on the subject. An added attraction of the book is inclusion of various interesting anecdotes regarding foot, from mythology, foot as a measure, concept of footwear, renowned personalities having foot deformities, ornaments of foot, sports, foot painters, proverbs, etc. Last but not the least is an addition of a ‘self evaluation quiz’ in the end.


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