Chapter-15 Child Management Considerations for Children with Special Care Needs

BOOK TITLE: Child Management in Clinical Dentistry

1. Jawdekar Ashwin
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1. MGM Dental College and Hospital, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai, India
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Special Care Dentistry in its broadest sense deals with the dental management of an individual with special health care needs. It requires an understanding of the underlying conditions and knowledge of the precautions that need to be taken while delivering dental care to such conditions. It is often a challenge to manage children with special care needs requiring dental treatments in dental clinics. The difficulties in the management could be attributed to various factors described below: 1. Difficulty in arrival to the clinic (for the patient). 2. Difficulty in remaining seated in the waiting area (for the patient). 3. Difficulty in dental examination, diagnosis and treatment planning (for the dentist). 4. Difficulty in carrying out behavior modification and actual treatment procedures (for the dentist). Still, it is necessary for a dentist to attempt to deliver dental care to the children with special care needs. The dentist has to acquire certain skills and make necessary changes in the protocol for facilitating this. The dentist must understand his/her limitations and any heroic attempts to treat the child in absence of necessary cooperation should be curtailed. A poor quality treatment cannot be justified and only lead to unnecessary repetitive care for the child. If the child cooperation is not suitable for regular dentistry, either use of pharmacological management is suggested or the child should be referred to an institutional set-up where hospital-based dentistry is practiced.

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