Chapter-23 Rhinoplasty

BOOK TITLE: Surgical Correction of Facial Deformities

1. Iyer Subramaniyam
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1. Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, Edappally, Cochin (Kerala), India
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The facial features of an individual are defined mainly by the shape and position of the nose and hence it is not surprising to find that correction of nasal deformities is one of the most common aesthetic surgical procedures carried out all over the world. Deformities of the nose could be due to congenital and developmental causes or due to trauma either trivial or associated with major maxillofacial injuries. The deformities, apart from being aesthetically displeasing to the individual and the on lookers, could also lead to functional problems like nasal obstruction, and as a sequel recurrent colds and sinusitis. Surgical correction of nasal deformities comprises various steps which might be common to most of the deformities. But many a times it will need to address the individual nose, with specific techniques aimed at the particular deformity it has. The approach to expose the nasal skeleton for doing the corrective steps can be variable with the type of nose and the deformity that is being dealt with. The nasal deformities associated with cleft lip are totally different from the deformities occurring in an otherwise normal individual, and hence the rhinoplasty in these noses has to be carried out with a different perspective. The outcome of rhinoplasty procedures depends upon proper selection of cases, proper planning of surgery and its execution and to a great extent the physician’s expertise and the patient’s expectations. Some of the patient’s have unrealistic expectations and many mistakes are committed by the surgeon in his or her early practice due to the pushing and perseverant patient, who would have benefited from a psychological evaluation to start with.

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