Chapter-18 Composites

BOOK TITLE: Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry

1. Rai Balwant
2. Kaur Jasdeep
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1. Mars Mission Crew-78, USA, Government Dental College, PGIMS, Rohtak
2. International Forensic Odontology Research Forum, USA
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In the last thirty years no material has received greater attention than the composite resins. Consequently, we have witnessed substantial improvement in both materials and techniques. Dentistry has reached a new era for the aesthetic application of restorations to anterior and posterior teeth. Probably there exists no other dental material with such vast and unique applications as the composite resins. Nevertheless, composite resin is far from ideal, and possesses some properties that should be of real concern to the dentist. The use of composite resin for posterior restoration, adds a new component to dentistry. The material is no tan ideal restorative material and has many inherent problems. It is more technique sensitive and less for giving than amalgam. Therefore posterior composites cannot be considered as a substitute for amalgam. They should instead be considered as supplementary materials. When used appropriately, composite resins offer the clinician should realize that some compromises are necessary and that there restorations should be very carefully monitored to avoid difficulties with recurrent caries, wear and other complications. The future is an exciting one and substantial progress may be anticipated in the development of adhesive wear resistant composites. Newer techniques which are simpler than the existing ones and can readily be mastered by not just a few but the majority of dentists is required.

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