Diagnosis & Management of Dermatologic Disorders (Including STDs, Leprosy, HIV and AIDS)

by SK Punshi

This book is concentrate on Diagnosis and Management of Dermatologic Disorders. The dermatologist is no more a pimple and itch doctor but is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases such as leprosy, skin cancers, exfoliative dermatitis and pemphigus. Due to recent impressive progress in this specialty, our understanding of skin diseases has considerably expanded. Dermatology, once a neglected subject, has now achieved the status it deserves. The old saying identifying dermatology with tons of Latin and ounces of vaseline is no more true. Corticosteroids have revolutionized the treatment of skin diseases. Therapy of cutaneous diseases may well be divided into: BC and AC (before corticosteroids and after corticosteroids). Skin diseases today constitute about 10 to 15% of the general practitioner’s workload. The incidence of eczemas and allergic dermatoses is increasing every year, due to the ever-expanding range of cosmetics, detergents, dyes and chemicals. This monograph includes concise and clinically relevant information on commonly encountered skin diseases. There are quite a few books on dermatology but like paintings by different artists, each is different from the others. The conviction that this book with typical photographs should be of immense use for general practitioners and dermatologists who do like to accept responsibility of the patient’s skin condition once the consultant has given his opinion.

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