Comprehensive Community Health Nursing

by Cecy Correia

India is a vast country with a population of approximately 115 crore with 6 lack villages. There is a visible difference in rural and urban rich. India has people who are rich and poor, highly educated and lesser educated, with more opportunity, and people with least opportunity, forward and backward and corers of households in rural India still live in abject poverty. Due to lack of poverty, unemployment, ignorance and unfavorable weather conditions people live below poverty line. Our country proclaim secular democratic republic, our people in the villages do not experience its implications, even today they live and struggle to get basic needs fulfilled and live in pathetic condition and forced to live in sub human condition and this is the stake reality. To elevate the poor govt has brought schemes and projects where the disadvantaged poor will be enhanced. Govt. has money and schemes but they need responsible net working. So that help is reached to the un-reached and deserving lot. Vast majority of people who live in rural villages and urban slums are less educated and hardly undergo any technical professional training. Such unfortunate people tend to work in low paid unorganized sector for survival. There is another India with which many of us have only a passing acquaintance. It is India of several hundred million people who barely make a few rupees a day. They live without a roof over their head and die without medical treatment. They cannot write or spell their names. It is a time we gave the other India hope of a better life. To wipe every tear from every eye will take time, yet can one eye sleep while the other weeps. The power of India lies in the power of the poor. Empower the poor .they are the burning bushes, we have to take off the sandals because God resides in them. God is alive and incarnates in such people. We have to help people to help themselves. Development is like a momentum, it takes time, but once it starts difficult to stop. To live with dignity and respect is the fundamental right; we have to bring poor to the main stream. We have to take initiative to light the touch and become the voice of the voiceless and reach to the un-reached and work towards tomorrow together. Let us touch some of the lives with our good works, open the door and let poor enter, they are the back born of the nation, where the secrete of the nation lies, once they are awakened the country awakens and progress. Strive towards reducing the gap of horizontal integration of vertical programmes. Let us walk few miles the journey with poor in solidarity and experience the insecurity and humbly salute and bow before them. So, as to get them mobilize the other India. The nation grows when you grow; it is another would untouch by globalization, the India of small farmers of tribal clinging to their disappearing forest. With these sentiments the book focuses its content. The book is like an onion, you peel it off one page at a time, and you will encounter treasures. This book is especially dedicated to the poor as you turn every page you will see photographs at every end of the chapter. May this book bring blessing to you as you go through its pages one by one and let us look backward with gratitude, upward with confidence and forward with hope to rebuild India that is so close to our hearts?


Book Detail

Author Author's Affiliation
1. Correia Cecy Cardinal Gracias Memorial Hospital, Sandor, Bangli, Vasai (W), Thane, Maharashtra, India
Uday General School of Nursing, Cardinal Gracias Memorial Hospital, Sandor, Bangli, Vasai (W), Thane, Maharashtra, India
ISBN 9789350251621
Speciality Community Health Nursing
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/11346
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2011
Pages 312
Book Type Textbook


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