Principles and Practice of Pedodontics

by Arathi Rao

This book “Principles and Practice of PEDODONTICS” is divided into twenty-three chapters. Pulp therapy and preventive dentistry are the two major divisions of pedodontic practice that have been expanding in great speed. Pulp therapy chapter has upgraded its new techniques like the use of MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate), apical plug placement, regeneration, etc. The most revolutionized branch of pediatric dentistry is preventive dentistry. Newer concepts of management like caries risk assessment, dental home, anticipatory guidance, etc are also highlighted. Child psychology has always been a tough chapter to understand. This book has enriched the topic on child psychology and has tried to make it easy-to-understand and interesting. Also, references and further readings are given in this book for the reader to benefit and to gain more knowledge. The first chapter describes the introduction of pedodontics, then the upcoming chapters explains about morphology of deciduous teeth, treatment planning, growth and development, preventive and interceptive orthodontics, behavior guidance in dental practice and pulp therapy. The last few chapters gives a detailed information on gingival and periodontal diseases in children, prosthodontic considerations in children, common oral pathologic conditions, dental auxiliaries, practice management, general epidemiology and medical emergencies in dental clinic.


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