Nail & its Disorders

by S Sacchidanand, Savitha AS

This book, Nail & Its Disorders, deals with nail disorders. Nail is considered as a vestigial organ by some as it is a dead tissue, without realizing the varied functions it can subserve in human beings. It has evolved from the primitive role of grasping and clutching in lower animals to an organ of beautification in humans. Nail is also a mirror of internal diseases as it can depict several characteristic changes along with the skin. Examination of nail as a part of general cutaneous examination is imperative. Nail disorders comprise 15–20% of dermatological consultations; 50–60% of such patients seek treatment for primary nail disorders. Nail disorders comprise of infections exclusively affecting the nail apparatus and is almost linked to the occupation of the individuals. Color photographs of clinical conditions, dermatoscopic images, line diagrams and other illustrations make this book easily readable and interesting.


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