Lacrimal Drainage Surgery

by Suresh D Isloor

This book, Lacrimal Drainage Surgery, deals with drainage surgery. Tearing disorders are among the most common dilemmas that ophthalmologists encounter. Restoration of lacrimal system patency involves surgical techniques that are challenging to master and frequently have unpredictable results. The close relation between eyes and nose demands an interdisciplinary approach. Ophthalmologists and rhinologists work together in the treatment of lacrimal drainage system to produce the best results. Interdisciplinary cooperation between ophthalmologists and rhinologists has advanced the present day treatment of lacrimal disorders. There is no single method for the lacrimal drainage surgery. There are different approaches for the surgical management of nasolacrimal disorders. Lacrimal drainage surgery can be a problem to many eye surgeons. The chapters on Anatomy, Osteology and Physiology of Lacrimation are dealt with in a very precise manner. Diagnostic tests are dealt with in detail and the various aspects of surgery are clearly described with the help of figures. The book has also dealt with recent concepts and advances including the use of laser in dacryocystorhinostomy. It will be useful both to the novice and to the experienced surgeon, who deals with dacryocystorhinostomy as also for the postgraduate student in updating his knowledge on the subject.


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