Textbook of Microbiology for Nursing Students

by RR Rao

Microbiology is relatively a new specialty of medicine. But, during the last 50 years or so, it grew tremendously and made a strong impact on not only among the medical professionals but also on the public health. The importance of infectious diseases has been widely recognized and a number of textbooks written by distinguished authors are available that provide vast information, which is being updated continuously. Considerable importance has been given to microbiology in the curriculum of medical and paramedical courses to understand, to diagnose, to treat, and to control a variety of infectious diseases both communicable and noncommunicable. To lessen the burden on the students and to emphasize on only the most practicable fundamentals of microbiology, an attempt has been made in this book to abridge the available information, stressing more importance on proper collection and transportation of microbiological specimens, adequate knowledge on disinfection and sterilization procedure, management of biological waste, and last but not least, the role of “hand hygiene”. Detailed descriptions of morphological, cultural and biochemical characters of various microorganisms and their complex antigenic structures are simplified, as they are not necessary for a student of nursing. Instead, adequate importance has been placed on the clinical signs and symptoms of various infectious diseases for their early recognition, so that nursing staff are geared up to apply appropriate preventive measures to curtail the spread of the infection, either in the hospitals or in the community. This textbook has been divided into different sections without discontinuity, in order to make the student feel comfortable and develop interest to read and remember the contents of the respective sections. Detailed discussions on some topics have been avoided keeping in view of their rare occurrence in day-to-day practice. An attempt has been made to provide more illustrations to create a visual impact that creates a long-lasting memory.

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Book Detail

Author Author's Affiliation
1. Rao RR Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Sripuram, Narkatpally, Nalgonda (AP)
Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Bombay Leprosy Project (BLP), Vidnyan Bhavan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
ISBN 9789350909775
Speciality Microbiology and Immunology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12375
Edition 2/e
Publishing Year 2014
Pages 388
Book Type Textbook


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