Fundamentals of Electrotherapy and Biomedical Physics

by Ashish Kakkad

The objective of this book is to describe the fundamentals of electrotherapy and biomedical physics. The fundamental of electrotherapy and biomedical physics aims to provide basic concepts of electrotherapy to the students. Exercise therapy and electrotherapy are two important components of physiotherapy treatments. This book consists of 14 chapters, which include fundamentals of electric circuit, conductors, semiconductors and insulators, power plugs, sockets, switches and fuses, electricity types, generation transmission, distribution and usage, sources of direct current, skin resistance, electrodes and gel, electric shock, magnet and its properties, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic induction, transformer, transistor, capacitor or condenser, and physiology of pain. The effort is also made to provide all study materials with references from different books of electrotherapy. To get recent advances of all covered topics reference websites are also mentioned at the end of the chapter. By this book, the aim is to provide study materials which will help the students to go into details about all the instruments they are using.


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