Current Concepts of Otitis Media & Recent Management Strategies

by Anand Job, L Paul Emerson

The book Current Concepts of Otitis Media and Recent Management Strategies provides comprehensive details on the current diagnosis as well as medical and surgical management for ENT practitioners. Preventive aspects mainly focus on pediatric patients to reduce hearing loss. Initial chapters deal with the pathogenesis of otitis media with special emphasis on the eustachian tube and its role in otitis media. Acute Otitis Media (AOM), chronic otitis media (COM), COM associated with effusion, COM-mucosal disease, Prevention and vaccination for AOM are discussed. Other chapter discusses tympanoplasty, approaches for tympanoplasty, surgery of tympanoplasty, reconstruction of tympanic membrane, ossicular reconstruction and hearing aids. Approach to children frequently affected is dealt from an immunological perspective also. Surgical management is discussed with specific emphasis on ossicular reconstruction using various types of titanium prosthesis. The reporting of outcomes of reconstruction has been simplified and rehabilitation of hearing loss with currently available devices is also highlighted.


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