Melasma: A Monograph

by Rashmi Sarkar

The book “Melasma: A Monograph” gives updated knowledge about epidemiology and global distribution of melasma. The major etiological factors include genetic influences, chronic sun exposure, and female sex hormones. It has multifactorial etiopathogenesis and endogenous factors in addition to genetic predisposition; and, exogenous stimuli play an important role. Melasma can be classified into four major histological types: Epidermal type, dermal type, mixed type, and indeterminate type. Diagnosis accounts for histological examinations of melasma, dermoscopy as well as in vivo reflectance confocal microscopy. Photoprotection is performed for the treatment of melasma that helps in improving the overall and texture of the skin. HQ therapy as well as nonhydroquinone therapy is discussed in the book. Oral agents have the advantage of convenience of use, lack of local cutaneous irritation and possibly better compliance. Current melasma therapies include topical therapies, oral therapies and interventional therapies. The interventional and procedural based therapies in melasma are chemical peels and Lasers, and lights. This book also discusses various lasers that have been tried in melasma. Melasma also affect quality of life in men as well as in women.


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