Technical Manual of Blood Components Preparation

by Bibekananda Mukherjee

Blood is a bodily fluid in humans, which delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells. The extent to which human blood is used therapeutically demands that the quality and safety of whole blood components be ensured in order and primarily to prevent the transmission of diseases. Care needed to be taken throughout the whole blood transfusion chain, starting from the collection, testing, component preparation, processing, storage and for safe distribution. Several technical tips are essential for qualitative preparation of blood components. This technical manual is an attempt to help those young persons who are sincerely engaged in such profession. The book covers all areas of the subject, i.e. selection of donors, safe handling of equipments, calibration, preparation of components, component storage, component thawing, issue of component, transfusion doses, quality control, etc. Many important informations are presented clearly for quality product, which are normally overlooked or escaped by an author. This manual meets the ready references for safe and qualitative preparation of blood components.

Book Series: Step by Step


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