Chapter-030 Telemedicine in Diabetes Mellitus

BOOK TITLE: ESI Manual of Clinical Endocrinology

1. Sood Ajay
2. Aron David C
Publishing Year
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1. Louis Stokes Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Cleveland; Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA
2. Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center; School of Medicine; Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA
Chapter keywords
Telemedicine, diabetes mellitus, asynchronous telemedicine, referral center, VA SCAN model, telemedicine clinic


Telemedicine referred as a practice of medicine without usual physician–patient confrontation, where care can be provided across geographical barrier by using telecommunication technology. The intervention of telemedicine is well suited to the management of diabetes mellitus, which requires continuous monitoring. Many studies have proved that the use of telemedicine in care of diabetic patients results in slight improvement in glycated hemoglobin. Asynchronous telemedicine care involves capturing blood glucose data of a patient in an electronic device and it is transmitted to health care provider for review. In telemedicine clinic, patient and the health care provider are connected each other via videoconference. The care provided from diabetes telemedicine clinic is as good as the care at the referral center. The basic requirements to set up a successful diabetes telemedicine clinic program are briefly described. The clinic is totally depends on technology and also needs good infrastructure for videoconferencing. Extension for community healthcare outcomes (ECHO) and veteran administration specialty care access network (VA SCAN) projects are also discussed in this chapter.

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