Section-16 Child Abuse, Neglect and Child Labor

BOOK TITLE: IAP Color Atlas of Pediatrics

1. Mehta Meenakshi N
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1. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Shaivali C/3 9, Bmc Colony, Kag Khan Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India; Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and LTMG Hospital, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, LTM Medical College and General Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra; Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Chapter keywords
hypothermia, social rehabilitation, alcohol abuse, ATS, tetanus immunoglobulin, rehabilitation, child abuse


This chapter discusses about child abuse and neglect as well as child labor. Abandoned newborn with multiple rat bite injuries on left hand, arm neck and avulsion of scalp, found by police from garbage. Immediate Rx of injuries, hypothermia and sepsis are required, while it is required to prevent tetanus by giving ATS and tetanus immunoglobulin and later rehabilitation through orphanage and juvenile court. Two months old baby attacked by rats, destroying nose, lip and ears while the baby was asleep, next to her mentally ill mother in slums. Child abuse is managed by salvaging the girl from child labor and later rehabilitation. Sexual and other abuses in children are managed by carrying out sexual education of children and teach about reporting sexual abuse. Education of the parents or guardians towards proper care of children, elimination of poverty, job security and social rehabilitation are required to manage alcohol abuse and child neglect.

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